Task types

Learn about most common selected-response task types:

Multiple Choice

Multiple Matching


Selected-response tasks require test-takers to select the correct response from the options provided to them. They are commonly used in testing. One advantage of all selected-response tasks is that test-takers do not have to write anything, so the response does not depend on test-takers’ writing ability. Selected-response tasks are also fast and easy to mark: anyone who has the marking key can do this mechanical task.

Constructed-response tasks require test-takers to construct their own response. The response can be short – just a word or several words or quite long. Here, you will find advice on writing limited-production task types. The tasks that require extended written responses (e.g., writing an essay, a letter or a report) or spoken responses (e.g., an interview, paired discussion, or an oral presentation) are discussed in the section dedicated to item writing for assessing language skills. 

Learn about most common constructed-response task types:

Short-answer Questions