Task types

Learn about most common selected-response task types:

Multiple Choice

Multiple Matching


Selected-response tasks require test-takers to select the correct response from the options provided to them. They are commonly used in testing. One advantage of all selected-response tasks is that test-takers do not have to write anything, so the response does not depend on test-takers’ writing ability. Selected-response tasks are also fast and easy to mark: anyone who has the marking key can do this mechanical task.

Constructed-response tasks require test-takers to give their own response. The response can be short – just a word or several words (so-called limited production tasks). It can also be quite long, for example an essay or an oral presentation. In this section, you will find advice on writing both types of constructed-response tasks.

Learn about most common constructed-response task types:

Short-answer Questions

Writing Tasks

Speaking Tasks