Test development

Test development projects and consultancy work

  • provided recommendations for revisions of the Checkpoint English Speaking Test owned by Latitude Aviation English Services, in collaboration with Prof. Tineke Brunfaut (Lancaster University, UK). The test is used to select students for ab-initio flight training. The project was funded by ESRC (UK Economic and Social Research Council) Accelerating Business Collaboration grant.

  • acted as a consultant for Lembaga Bahasa International Universitas Indonesia to develop a test of English for young learners and a test of English for teenagers. As part of the consultancy support, Olena delivered workshops on principles of test development, provided recommendations to the project team on various aspects of test design, and supported the test development team with the design of test documentation (test design statement, test blueprint, specifications for individual tasks and items within the test).

  • acted as a consultant for the British Council Aptis test development team in developing a training programme for Aptis item writers. Olena also delivered item-reviewer training and developed an Aptis quality assurance manual.

  • designed a three-month online item-writing training course, developed course materials, and acted as the lead tutor on three cohorts of the course. The course was commissioned by the East-Asia Assessment Solutions Team.

  • was part of the researched project designed to establish the correspondence between score levels on Monash University English Language Centre (MUELC) reading, listening, writing and speaking assessments and proficiency levels on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The project was managed by the Language Testing Research Centre, University of Melbourne.